Operation Med School is a non-profit, youth-run organization that started in Vancouver in 2012.

What is Operation Med School?

Operation Med School (OMS) is a one-day medical conference started by a group of high school students in Vancouver, BC. The first event was held in February 2013 and in 2014, OMS successfully expanded to Toronto as well. This event targets over 200+ intelligent and motivated high school students and allows them to learn more about the field of medicine. OMS gives students a whole new approach to medical careers through activities and lectures by medical experts. It is the perfect chance for high school students to network with professionals, current medical students, and other aspiring young doctors.


A conference created for students by students.



The objective of Operation Med School is to connect students to the world of medicine. Students will be inspired by meeting other youth, post secondary students, and professionals with similar ambitions. By immersing youth in such an environment, they will be encouraged to ask questions, explore new possibilities and pursue their passion.

Ola (Alexandra) Lemanowicz, Founder and Chair

Ola Lemanowicz, Founder

With new cures being discovered and technologies constantly advancing, the world of medicine is always changing, and we are determined to inspire the next generation of doctors to follow their passions and continue this change. We want to support and help them on their path to success by providing them with the most knowledge possible about this field, so they can make well-informed decisions that are right for them.

During high school, students usually aren’t sure which
 career they’d like to pursue. Their interests change from
day to day, making it impossible to decide. Even if they
do have an idea of what they’d like to do, there’s always uncertainty holding them back. What if I’m not smart enough? What if I can’t handle the pressure? What if I can’t do it? All these “what ifs” seem childish, but they’re actually really intimidating. Throughout high school, careers and post secondary life seem so distant. They creep up fast though, and if we’re not ready, we might not be able to live up to our full potential. Even though I’ve been certain that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine from a young age, I’ve had my moments of fear and “what if’s” as well. It’s a difficult and competitive field to go into, and it takes a lot of hard work and determination. However, I realized that medicine is my passion, and that if I want to spend the rest of my life doing something, it would have to be something I love.

That is how Operation Med School (OMS) was created. OMS fills the gap between high school and choosing a career by allowing students to determine whether medicine is the right path for them. It’s a way for ambitious youth seeking knowledge to explore this field and to learn more about what it takes to make it.

The diligence of each OMS team member has been incredible and demonstrates exactly what type of person is needed for a medical career. They have followed their passion by helping to create a bold student initiative in which each individual is relying on the other. Instead of the typical competitive and cutthroat atmosphere, we are helping each other to succeed. Through our actions and through this organization, we aim to inspire students to follow our lead. I urge students to take every opportunity they come across to immerse themselves in what they’re passionate about.

By encouraging students to be confident, compassionate and creative, qualities of true doctors, we are initiating an operation for the next generation: one that, thanks to the success of OMS 2013, we know is effective and gives students a new perspective on the future of medicine. Our goal is not only to inspire students to pursue their passions, but to do so with perseverance and innovation.

— Founder, Ola Lemanowicz

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