The Vancouver Team


Steph Stressing


Steph Stresing is a grade 12 student who is honoured to be Co-President of the 2017 OMS Vancouver team.  She is excited to help create an amazing conference experience that will inspire and educate you on this years theme – Global Health. A topic very close to Steph’s heart as she has first hand experienced the inequalities in health care systems around the world. She hopes someday to share her passion for helping others achieve a better health care system. Prior to Steph’s recent foot surgery, track and field has played a large part of her life, competing in BC Provincials, Heptathlons and the Oregon Relays. Steph is confident that this year’s OMS Executive team will work hard to fuel your passion in medicine and healthcare throughout the world.  



Ryan Chan


Ryan Chan is an ardent Grade 12 student who is extremely honoured to serve as the Co-President of OMS Vancouver 2017. At a young age, Ryan’s interest in medicine was piqued by stories from his grandmother, a retired surgeon specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. His passion for medicine was further kindled in elementary school when one of his friends was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. While watching his friend endure the myriad of treatments and suffer from a relapse, Ryan learned to foster compassion, and ever since then, he has aspired to become a neurosurgeon. This year, Ryan truly hopes that he can utilize OMS to inspire like-minded youth to find their aspirations and a spark of interest in the field of medicine.



“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” – Hippocrates


Plenary Director

Winnie Xu

Winnie Xu is a senior student at Elgin Park Secondary who is extremely passionate about the biomedical sciences and is ultimately interested in pursuing a career in medicine. As an avid student researcher and leader of various non-profit organizations, her exposure to the various facets of health and social sciences has helped her gain insight into the fields she enjoys while allowing her to network with many talented and inspiring individuals. She is excited to bring Operation Med School Vancouver’s annual event to all the high schoolers in BC who aspire to pursue such a challenging but rewarding journey, and hopes that every delegate finds a spark of newfound motivation and mentality at the conference.



Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future. -Hippocrates


Logistics Director

Seeone Kim


Grade 12 student Seeone Kim has a great interest in studying medicine and is excited to serve as a Logistics Director at Operation Med School Vancouver this year. She is hoping to share her knowledge and inspiration with attendees who are considering studying medicine in the future. She also hopes to pursue a career in medicine after graduation. Namely, she has participated in leadership development and worked collaboratively in her community; she is involved in school organizations, clubs and also volunteer works in the community. Just as she enjoys collaborating with organizations, she looks forward to this year’s amazing Operation Med School conference.


Finance Director

Chris Tung

16a_7109As a junior at Port Moody Secondary School, Chris Tung is delighted to serve as the Finance Director for Operation Med School Vancouver 2017. Chris has been fascinated by medicine ever since he was young and he’s passionate about helping those lacking basic necessities and proper medical care. Last year, Chris made organized efforts to raise money for the Eliminate Project which treats newborns with neonatal tetanus in developing countries and was successful in doing so. He plans to volunteer for Doctors Without Borders when he is qualified to; but for now, he interns at a pharmacy and does everything he can do to learn about how specific drugs affect the human body. Chris is assured that this conference will be able to inspire delegates to pursue a career in the field of medicine and hopes that everyone has an unforgettable experience at OMS.

Workshops Director

Kevin Liang


Kevin Liang is a grade 11 student at Port Moody Secondary and is excited to serve as the Workshops Director for Operation Med School Vancouver 2017. He is a passionate activist and thoroughly enjoys working with non-profit organizations. Whether it is working to increase student voice or protesting pipelines, Kevin is always eager and ready to be there. Access to healthcare for people in all countries is a topic that he is incredibly passionate about and hopes that by working with OMS he will help inspire students to tackle this problem. He is delighted to be able to work with such an incredible executive team and hopes to bring even more delegates to the conference than ever before.


Publicity Director

Gamay Ngai

Gamay Ngai is a rising senior at Eric Hamber Secondary and is thrilled to serve as the Director of Publicity for Operation Med School Vancouver 2017. She is involved in many non-profit organizations as she constantly strives to encourage education outside the borders of a classroom. She hopes to lend the expertise she has gained from her past experiences, as well as learn from the rest of her executive team. She is ecstatic to work with such a talented pool of people and looks forward to the final product.

As an aspiring international marketing manager, Gamay spends most of her free time mastering new languages. She frequents language exchange meet-ups to not only strengthen her precision in speaking, but to learn more about cultural communication differences.She hopes that in the next couple of years, she will find herself working at an international company outside of Canada.

Marketing Director

Michelle Lam


Currently a grade 11 student at Point Grey Secondary, Michelle Lam is excited to serve as this year’s OMS Vancouver Marketing Director. Having personally known individuals who suffered from diabetes, she has developed a strong interest in pursuing a future career in medicine at a very young age. The thought of being able to help others get better and bring a smile across their faces makes the field very enticing. During her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and dancing. She is also an advocate for gender balance and equality in STEM fields, with emphasis on technology and computer science. Through working with various non-profit organizations, she hopes to use her experience to bring the OMS 2017 conference to even more students, so that they too, can be inspired to become the medical leaders of tomorrow.

Corporate Relations Director

Phyllis Lesnikov


Phyllis Lesnikov is a grade 11 student at Stratford Hall, and is delighted to serve as the Corporate Relations Director of OMS Vancouver’s 2017 conference. Her interest in the sciences – especially in biotechnology and chemistry – peaked at a young age; having attended the Cognitive Neuroscience summer program at Future Global Leaders UBC, Phyllis has a particular interest in medicine. Outside of school and OMS, Phyllis is involved at an executive level with several other organizations, including Youth Achieving Success and Sustainable Youth Canada. She is also an ambassador for Science Expo and Project Pulse. Phyllis is a member of Team BC for Science Fair, and has received national honours for her projects.

When she is not studying for the IB Diploma Program, you can find her binge watching How to Get Away With Murder and reading fantasy novels. Phyllis sincerely hopes that OMS Vancouver 2017 will be a beneficial and entertaining experience for the next generation of doctors, and looks forward to meeting attendees at the conference!





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