The Vancouver Team


Michelle Lam


Currently a senior student at Point Grey Secondary, Michelle Lam is excited to serve as this year’s OMS Vancouver Co-President. Having personally known individuals who suffered from diabetes, she has developed a strong interest in pursuing a future career in medicine at a very young age. The thought of being able to help others get better and bring a smile across their faces makes the field very enticing. During her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and dancing. She is also an advocate for gender balance and equality in STEM fields, with emphasis on technology and computer science. Through working with various non-profit organizations, she hopes to use her experience to bring the OMS 2018 conference to even more students, so that they too, can be inspired to become the medical leaders of tomorrow.



Zia Mawani


Zia is a grade 12 student attending Sentinel Secondary School and he is honoured to serve as the Co-President of OMS Vancouver 2018. Zia discovered his interest in medicine in grade 10, when he broke his leg and had to get it surgically repaired. Not only is Zia interested in the clinical side of medicine, but he is also interested in the economics and logistics of the healthcare system in Canada. Zia is currently working with a health literacy research team based out of VGH, where he has learned about patient-clinician interactions as well as policy making. He hopes to bring these aspects of medicine to OMS Vancouver 2018. Zia is confident that OMS Vancouver 2018 will be the best iteration of the conference yet, and he hopes it will inspire all attendees to pursue a career in medicine.


“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” – Hippocrates


Logistics Director

Matthew Cheng

Matthew is currently a junior at St. George’s School, and is ecstatic to serve as Logistics Director for Operation Med School 2018. From a very young age, the world of medicine has been an essential aspect of Matthew’s life. Having witnessed friends and family battle a wide range of medical conditions including cancer, diabetes, and autism, he has quickly understood the incredible impact that medicine can have on one’s life. His personal experiences, paired with his innate love for the sciences, has inspired Matthew to delve deeper into the world of medicine through research and volunteer opportunities. Having attended OMS twice in the past, Matthew is looking to utilize his experiences from the past two years to create an even more extraordinary conference for all like-minded students. Matthew is excited to see what OMS 2018 will bring, and hopes to create an unforgettable experience for all attendees!


Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future. -Hippocrates

Plenary Co-director

Hasti Haghdadi



As a senior student at Sentinel Secondary School, Hasti Haghdadi is excited to soon begin her journey towards a medical career. Considering that she has spent a great deal of her high school years working with children – for example as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and camp volunteer – she has developed a great passion for pediatrics and aspires to pursue it. Hasti is also passionate about sharing opportunities with the members of her health sciences club at school as well as completing research on issues in healthcare, such as the long working hours of nurses. During her free time, she enjoys swimming, playing the piano, and travelling. Hasti is thrilled to serve as the Plenary Co-director and collaborate with an amazing group of leaders to plan a successful OMS 2018 conference.


Plenary Co-director

Emma Uphill



Emma Uphill is a grade 12 student at Carver High School and is honoured to serve as the Co-Plenary Director for the OMS 2018 conference. Emma has always had an interest in science, specifically Biochemistry and Human Biology. She hopes to eventually become an Emergency Room Doctor. Emma has always wanted to pursue a career in medicine and loves the idea of inspiring others to follow the same path. In her spare time, she volunteers with the organization One Day to make a Difference as well as CIBC Run for the Cure, raising money for Cancer Research, something she is very passionate about. Emma is

ecstatic to be apart of such an innovative conference.

Marketing Co-director

Janice Wu


As a senior student at Gladstone Secondary, Janice Wu is thrilled to serve as the Co-Director of Marketing at OMS 2018 conference.  She is extremely interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Janice has always dreamed of working in the medical field and wishes to inspire high schoolers in BC to pursue a career in medicine through OMS. During her free time, she is often seen volunteering her time at day camps, at business and tech conferences, and running errands for student council. She is assured that with this year’s team, the OMS conference will be enticing and an unforgettable experience for the many delegates that will be attending.


Marketing Co-director

Rikki Banwait

A senior student at Carver High School, Rikki Banwait is extremely delighted to be serving as one of the Co-Marketing Directors on this year’s Operation Med School Team. Being brought up in a family surrounded by science enthusiasts, at a very young age, Rikki discovered his passion for medicine and is looking forward to embarking on the path in becoming a pediatric physician. As the leader of his school’s Costa Rica Outreach Team, Rikki had the chance to work first-hand with the children of the Limón province and since then, has developed a strong interest in making health care accessible in developing countries around the world, and would one day like to start his own organization that contributes to this cause. Aside from his academic commitments, Rikki can be found working with his school’s Student Council and Peer Mediation Team, behind the keys of his piano, or in front of the lanes of the pool. Rikki is looking forward to working with the other members of the OMS Team to create an impactful, innovative, and inviting experience for all those attending this year’s conference.


Sponsorship Director

Anirudh Sharma


Currently in grade 12 at Panorama Ridge, Anirudh is extremely delighted and excited to be the Sponsorship Director at OMS this year. From a very young age he had developed an interest in medicine. He passionately volunteers with many organizations that help him get a better understanding of the people whose life are touched on a daily basis by medical professionals. That has just helped him to be even more eager to pursue a profession in medicine. As a member of the OMS team, he is committed to help inspire like-minded students and help them find their path.


Finance Director

Joey Li


Joey is a senior at Crofton House School and is excited to serve as the finance director of OMS Vancouver this year. Joey has always been interested in science and business and is thrilled to have an opportunity where she is able to experience both areas. Recently, she participated in a summer internship program for surgical skills at Stanford University and discovered her passion within the sciences: medicine. Having had experience working with children as a summer camp volunteer and ski instructor, Joey is also passionate about helping the younger generation with finding their interests. Like her, she hopes that many will discover a passion for medicine at the OMS conference and is looking forward to work with the rest of the team to create an unforgettable experience for everyone!



Anna Riminchan

Anna is currently a junior attending Point Grey Secondary School in Vancouver, B.C. She is honoured to serve as an intern aboard this year’s 2018 OMS team and aspires to aid in creating an informative conference that will inspire and impel young high school students to enter into the field of medicine. Anna has been fascinated with medicine ever since visiting Vancouver’s Saint Paul’s Hospital, aged six, and wishes to specialize in pediatrics through her post-secondary studies. She actively volunteers with children and seniors by taking part in tutoring, athletics and art courses, enjoying every minute of her work. When left to her own devices, Anna plays volleyball and ultimate, or spends her time creating artwork to raise awareness about mental illness, amongst other social issues. She is elated to be working with the OMS team and hopes to inspire the future generation of keen medical minds through her own passion for medicine.



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